Netball Victoria Membership ("NVM" and formerly known as "VNA") is the base requirement for all netball participants to hold prior to being involved in netball activities (training, match play etc).   In order to participate in a Netball Victoria affiliated Association/Competition and/or development courses, you must be a member of Netball Victoria. 


From 2018, Netball Victoria require all participants to "self register" rather than the historical method of clubs or associations registering participants directly with NV.   Whilst this process will involve change initially for participants, the ability to manage their NV account will be beneficial and a more accurate way for NV to deliver membership cards, process insurance claims etc.


The registration process is online and requires payment by Visa/Mastercard to complete.  NV charges a transaction processing fee additionally.   In many ways, this process is no different to any online booking or purchasing process.


Please bear in mind that your NVM is different to your club fees.  Also, please remember that each participant is required to register and pay only once per calendar year, despite how many clubs / competitions where they're involved.   Keep your receipt information to show to your clubs for their records.  


Registration Links


EDNA Clubs will be publishing their own direct NVM registration links in 2019.  Stay tuned for further details..!