Join the EDNA Exec Team - Treasurer needed!!!!

Essendon District Netball Association , Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:59PM




Essendon District Netball Association ("EDNA") is currently seeking to fill the key role of Treasurer to join our Leadership (Exec Team). 


With years of record participant growth, our association leadership is ready to also grow by filling the following roles.   


The good news is that our roles are well defined, not onerous and bring a rewarding satisfaction in being involved with like minded people in helping our netball community in a time of exciting change and future building!     Looks great on the CV and connects networks ... 



Treasurer (Volunteer)


Joining the EDNA Executive team and taking a lead role in shaping the future of our association, this person will ideally have a background in Business/Finance/Accounting.  This role is about oversight and leadership.. NOT onerous hours... as we will be appointing a Book-keeper to handle the transactional accounts / books and reporting.   


The commitment is approx 1 hour per week in season AND isn't involved in match day operations.  


If you keen to make a difference in your community, please get in touch... 



Contact Richard Randell - to enquire about joining our team






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