EDNA in Spring! Important Information...

Essendon District Netball Association , Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:13PM

NO ACCESS via Batman St or the Club !!!!



EDNA 2018 Spring Season is exciting (and challenging !) in a variety of ways...   


It'll be Netball as you know it but a little bit different in our usual layout..... 


This is our first Spring Season ever at our main competition venue, Aberfeldie Primary School,  as its taken many years to line everything up to be able to make it work for our netball community. 


We're delighted and we hope our netball community are as well. 


KEY INFORMATION - as it won't look like our normal Winter Season arrangements.


Our match day logistics will be based on the 'school side' at Aberfeldie Primary and.. 


NOT at our winter HQ at the Aberfeldie Community Club. .


This means:


  • THERE IS NO ACCESS via the Aberfeldie Community (Bowls) Club or Batman St to the courts
  • Please access via Ramsay St or Doone St.


  • ScoreSheets/First Aid/Admin:   Adjacent to Court 1.


  • Toilets - are at the school toilet block in the Eastern corner of the school footprint.    Please look for the EDNA banner which will be erected as a visual guide. 


  • Catering.   There will be a catering (food/drinks) positioned adjacent to courts 4/5 (near the school cricket nets).


  • Spectator court access.   As in our Winter season, please remember that our insurance provisions require that spectators remain off the court (blue) surface.


  • Dogs at our venue. EDNA is bound by the City of Moonee Valley regulations that Dogs must be leashed and no closer than 15 metres to courts or playgrounds.   Again, our insurance requirements mandate this and we appreciate your co-operation. 


We look forward to a great and historic inaugural Spring Season. 








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