Key Match Day Reminder - Coaches, Players and Spectators

Essendon District Netball Association , Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:06AM


To ensure the safety of our players and umpires AND to comply with the Netball Victoria insurance provisions at Aberfeldie Primary School, it is important at all times to observe our guidelines when spectating and playing.   

Key rules:

** There is only ONE COACH PER TEAM.  Spectators, club officials, coaching mentors DO NOT instruct, direct players .... Formal warnings will be made where this fundamental guideline is breached.  


** Coaches must choose a position in a court "third" along the SIDELINE and operate from within this area ONLY.     ^^GO (9&U)  coaches are allowed to follow play and coach their players..  


** Coaches and off-court players must STAND at least 1.5metres from the sideline to ensure safe access for officiating Umpires.


 ** Spectators are not allowed on the court areas (playing area and surrounds)


  • **  Dogs are not allowed within 15 metres of the court surface or the playgrounds in accordance with local government bylaws


Please refer to our
Court Access Plan  for further information about where we all stand!..

Last updated: Saturday March 16, 2019 9:13AM